Focused on inspiring stories that bring to life the little (& big) ways people bring more love, joy, laughter & humanness to every day life… Our focus is to hunt for those little reminders that refuel the human soul & reminds us what life is really all about


Guest: Antonio Ciraco

Age: 31 years

Location: Tampa, FL 

Bio: My name is Antonio Ciraco and I am a Sales Professional for one of the Nations largest Mercedes Benz Dealerships. I’m 31 years young and full of life! I absolutely love living life on the edge and love to take risks! I believe I am extremely successful with my career because of my past and upbringing. I live for giving back to my family and setting my future up for success while never losing site of who I am and where I have been.

The World Needs More: World needs more people to be kind, care forgiving and smile more. Care about people, things and themselves. If you care and smile more you may just change someone else’s day and who knows what they are going through and what a simple smile or a wave may make someone feel :]. Also be more kind and curteous. It’s effortless. One of my favorite quotes was from a tv show called Friday night lights. It was “there is no weakness in forgiving”. Think about that and let it sit in. There is not weakness in forgiving. If you can try and forgive someone that doesn’t make you a weak person in fact it makes you much stronger and builds your character!

WOW factor: Wow factor for me are a few periods of my life. One is from losing a ton of weight, 85lbs to be exact and the next is my career. What has wowed me is reflecting on the process when I lost the weight and seeing how I, in only 7 months, lost 85lbs by doing it the right way. Changing the way I ate and going to the gym 6-7 days a week. People say they can’t do it but really that is an excuse. By just getting up and making that first step, you’ve already started doing it. Seeing where I was and what I did to accomplish such a hard goal was a huge WOW factor because I have always struggled with weight and seeing the change in my confidence, quality of life, energy and appearance really put me in shock. Next is my career. I have never been more successful than I am right now and do not confuse my confidence with cockiness because bye no means that is that the case. I love what I do and I am very good at it. I’m not your typical pressure kind of sales guy. I am an experience type of salesman. When you get me you are getting the experience. You know the brand your buying so why not just touch base with a few features, safety items but let’s focus on the experience. This has given me a huge set reflection on myself and has given me the confidence in that I know I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now and I am killing it! I love the brand, I love my clients and more importantly I love my career and for that I am WOWED by it. But a side note all of this couldn’t and maybe it could’ve but in my eyes I couldn’t and wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my parents upbringing. They are my personal wow factor and the reason I am so successful. I work hard so that I can give back to them and try and wow my mom and dad sonthdt they can sit back and say wow that’s my son and we raised him right.


Favorite Color: Blue! 

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Guest: Dennis Nafte

Age: 36 years

Location: East Islip, NY

Bio: My ultimate goal in life and my main why has always been to be the best family man I could be, which is why I am a first a husband and a father. I’m married 13 years and have 2 kids ages 5 and 2. I was also an accomplished division 1 student athlete at Stony Brook University. I have a masters degree in education and was also selected to the 2003 division 1 college lacrosse all star team. I was one of the top 5 faceoff men in the country. After feeling frustrated with our current education system and looking for a way to make a bigger impact, I became an entrepreneur and CEO. I started my first company shortly after college and am now the founder and CEO of 4 privately held companies. I believe in giving back and currently support organizations like New York City relief, Easter seals, Bww charities, stony brook lacrosse, Long Beach sports programs, and beauty cares. I truly believes that to who much is given much is expected. My main passion today is mentoring and coaching others to find and develop their purpose in life. What brings me the greatest joy is helping people to identify their talents and abilities and use them in a positive way to better others lives.

The World Needs More: I believe the world needs more of self love because it’s hard to love others until You love yourself. I would love the opportunity to gain your insight on the subject and help people know they are great and we all have magic in us. Especially in a world with social media where people are always comparing themselves to others. I want to help them grow their self image and truly find themselves and help overcome the growing epidemic of depression. One statement that I heard recently that changed my life and meant so much to me was “I’d rather people hate me for who I am then love me for who I’m not”.

Wow Factor:  I guess my wow would be my heart and passion for others and to give as much value as I can. I also have a decent sense of humor and seem to be able to make people laugh a lot, which brings me a lot of joy to see people happy. There have been many moments that have shaped my life. Dislocating my elbow my senior year of college only 4 games into the season and having my whole life’s purpose up until that point almost ended made me start to really think about my future. Overcoming the depression and fighting my way back into the season even when all the doctors told me I was done showed me the power of the human mind and soul.

Probably the second was even more recently after accomplishing so many goals of having our dream house, dream cars, and financial goals realizing that it doesn’t really make you happy and fulfilled. That it can also leave you feeling very empty and also create more fear then having nothing which is having everything and losing it. Really realizing that happiness comes from the pursuit of fulfilling our potential on a daily basis and being able to help others do the same. This may seem a little corny but I was watching the movie cool runnings which I had seen dozens of times but this time I heard something that changed my life and it was when the coach said to the driver. “If your not enough without the gold you won’t be enough with it” it hit me so hard because the real win in life is not what we get from it but who we become through it. I believe so many people think they’ll be happy after they do this or they do that without realizing that happiness is a choice that comes from within.

Favorite Color: Blue 

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Guest: Manisha Thakor

Age: 48 years

Location: Portland, OR

Bio: Manisha Thakor serves as the vice president of financial education at Brighton Jones, one of the nation’s most innovative and rapidly growing wealth management firms. With the firm’s support, she is launching her true WELLth podcast in mid-February 2019 that will help people shed the flawed equation that wealth = happiness by giving them tools from a wide range of experts on how to redefine success and craft one’s own definition of true WELLth. Manisha is a Harvard MBA, CFA, CFP, as well as an author/speaker/teacher with extensive national media experience. Visit for a full listing of Manisha’s impressive accomplishments over her 25-year career.

The World Needs More Of:

1. A more heartfelt, soulful definition of “enough”

WOW factor: “Simplicity, Small Joys, Financial Independence.” I wrote this down on a napkin as I was flying back from spending a year abroad studying at Oxford University 1990-1991… reflecting upon what I’d learned and what I wanted to use as the core anchors for my life. 28 years later, those three touchstones remain the same and have helped me at points of confusion, overwhelm or crisis… more easily identify (even from a list of really sub-optimal choices!) what next step would bring me back closer to those guiding principals.

Favorite Color: Fuchsia

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Guest: Matt Aitchison

Age: 30 years

Location: Sacramento, CA 

Bio: Matt Aitchison is a multi 7-figure real estate investor, business coach, speaker and philanthropist. He is the Founder and CEO of Matt Aitchison Media Inc, a personal development and real estate investment e-learning company that helps high achievers create more wealth, freedom, and fulfillment in their life and business

The World Needs More: More "whole life millionaires" - people who live like millionaires in all gardens of their life. By doing this, we'd not only have happier people chasing their definition of a rich life, we'd have more balanced and fulfilled individuals contributing at a high level

Wow Factor: expelled from high school, arrested in college, took extreme ownership of my life and committed to a life of service and growth, which has led to many entrepreneurial successes in real estate, philanthrophy, traveling, etc

Favorite Color: Green 

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Guest: Richard McCann

Age: 49 years

Location: United Kingdom

Bio: Richard McCann is a Sunday Times No1 Bestselling author. His first book, ‘Just a Boy’, sold close to ½ million copies and has been translated around the world. He's a Motivational Speaker who overcame an almightly fear of speaking to having now spoken 2500 times across the globe as far and wide as Malaysia, South Africa, Iran, Switzerland, Canada and many more. He's also a Presentation Skills Coach. He has been the subject of two BBC documentaries about his extraordinary life story. Brought up on the ‘At Risk’ register until his mother was murdered by the serial killer Peter Sutcliffe (The Yorkshire Ripper), Richard went on a downward spiral. Foster homes, children’s home and then a violent upbringing by his estranged father took away any self esteem that he had. He left school with no qualifications and was kicked out of the army for psychological reasons before he turned to drugs to ease his depression. After a prison sentence for a drugs offence, and with his home about to be possessed, Richard hit rock bottom where he considered taking his life. It was at this point that he found the gut wrenching determination to turn his life around and fight for a better future. That turn around has been remarkable. Now married with a family of his own, three books about his life being published, and a much sought after inspirational speaker. His presentation centres on the way in which he has turned, what can only be described as insurmountable odds, to his favour and has shaped a more positive life for himself. It’s one that most people don’t forget in a hurry.

The World Needs More: I believe the world needs more kindness and compassion and understanding that we are one world and one human race. It's not what I speak on ordinarily.

Wow Factor: My WOW factor for many is that fact that I overcame what for many would send them under. The murder of my mother when I was a five year old boy. Losing mum and a number of other setbacks along the way have in fact shaped the person I am today. Putting that to one side for a moment, one of the moments that have sahped what I do now, being a speaker, was taking part in the public speaking competition at school, at the age of 12, which I won. It took incredible courage to get on stage with no confidence and low self esteem. When I first started speaking professionally in 2005, I was a terrible speaker. So I went out there and studied great speaekers including Tony Robbins. I modelled what those speakers did and, well, the rest is history.

Favorite Color: Orange

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Guest: Soliman Arab, 

Age: 37 years 

Location: Kuwait

Bio: Soliman Arab is the founder of Vigor-Enterprise that is managed by a group of young Egyptian entrepreneurs who decided to accumulate the professional experience they own in one place, Soliman has a recognized experience in many compatible areas; human resources development, business startups, leadership & career development programs, team building, performance assessment centers, team building activities, recruitment and headhunting, marketing and events management. Vigor-Enterprise powers four business units that in harmony demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit of the management team. Vigor-Events, Vigor-Academy, Vigor-Hunt and Vigor-Studio serve the Middle East market in a creative and effective attitude through regional offices in Cairo and Kuwait.

The World Needs More Of:

1. Cross cultural communication & understanding 

Wow factor: I guess my wow factor would be Creativity that helped me run a successful business ... also, communicating with people is another wow factor that helped me in building successful relationships with ppl from different backgrounds

Favorite Color: Blue 

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Guest: Mark Ormrod

Age: 35 years old

Location: United Kingdom

Bio: Former Royal Marines Commando UK's First Triple Amputee From Afghanistan Father Of 3 Award Winning Author

The World Needs More: I'm not sure what the word is, maybe gratitude but people need to be much more aware of the good in there lives and focus on that instead of the bad.

WOW Factor: Well as it says in my bio I was the UK's first triple amputee from Afghanistan which sent me on a huge journey of self discovery as well as on a mission to find a mentor. I've been wheelchair free since June 9th 2009, held down a full time job since July 2010, fathered 2 more children since being injured and became a mini-entrepreneur in the process because I was trying to show people that life doesn't end when you face challenges, it just forces you to be more resourceful and to figure ways around lives obstacles.

Favorite Color: Yellow

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Guest: Denis Estimon

Age: 20 years old

Location: Boca Raton, FL 

Bio: Denis Estimon immigrated to the U.S. from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, when he was in the rst grade. Not being able to communicate with his classmates, Denis knows what it feels like to be isolated. Now, Denis makes it his life-purpose to make sure no kid has to feel the way he felt. During his senior year in high school, Denis and his friends launched We Dine Together for the sole purpose of combating social isolation. The story reached over 20 Million people after CBS featured the story and the work done by the students. Estimon is stepping into his new role at Be Strong, while currently enrolled at Everglades University, Majoring in Business. We Dine Together aimed to provide a proactive solution to one of the leading top- ve safety, health and social issues. While the program began to grow, Estimon realized the work needed structure and a scalable model with sustainable tools. Enter Be Strong. We Dine Together is now part of the fabric of Be Strong’s comprehensive approach. Denis aims to promote the message of unity, love, and inclusion as a speaker, activist, influencer, and now Director at Be Strong.

The World Needs More:

1. Compassion for others

Wow factor: I am very good Bowler :)

Favorite Color: Blue 


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Guest: Dean Whalen & Marcie Whalen 

Age: 36 years 

Location: Alberta, Canada

Bio: Dean and Marcie own one of the largest entrepreneurial vetting companies in North America. Through private platforms they have directly and indirectly helped close to 4000 families earn partnerships with other entrepreneurs within North America, Australia and New Zealand. They place a mammoth focus on mentoring people in life and that has attributed to them helping hundreds of couples and singles getting debt free, collectively helping others pay off over 60 million dollars of debt. They are parents to 3 beautiful daughters and are excited to have more children.

The World Needs More:

1. More Contribution, Less Consumption

Wow Factor: Too many to include :)  

Favorite Color: 

Dean- monochrome

Marcie- rose gold

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Guest: Johnny Stone

Age: 32 

Location: San Diego, CA

Bio: Navy Chief, speaker, mentor and author of Finding Good.

The Worlds Needs More:

1. Kindness

2. Faith

3. Love

4. The will to live the best version of your life each day! 

WOW factor: My ability to find the good in every situation and never give up. I lost my wife/high school sweetheart to stage 4 appendix cancer 2 years ago. The 2nd she was diagnosed we made the promise to eachother to find the good in every single day and live life to the absolute best of our abilities and that's exactly what we did. Then the day before she passed away in my arms she made me promise to continue to find the good in every day, continue to do good things and open my heart up to love again. Check Check Check I've done all three and I will never stop. It's like once all the heartache happened I was born with a whole new set of eyes and an extreme amount of passion to live life, help others and remind the world just how short life really is.

Favorite Color: Red


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